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EMAGIC 2D Animation / Motion Graphics

Here at EMAGIC, we understand that delivering your message the right way is important. This is why we offer video, 2D & 3D animation. Sometimes simplicity on screen helps explain the more complicated messages or processes in an easy to digest way.

2D animation is useful, it cuts away all confusion or misunderstanding, and channels it into an easier to follow format. Key things to consider when having 2D animation over 3D Animation are; 2D is more time &cost-effective than 3D animation and may be a better option for longer videos, or extremely complicated messages.

2D, 3D Animation / Motion Graphics or VFX/CG Services

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EMAGIC 3D Animation 

3D Animation is a great way of showcasing your products in a way that film never could or would require multiple studio day shoots. Also its easier to change elements such as environment, Product colour, Depth of field & Camera Moves. Where usually it would mean tasking someone to source new locations/ materials and re-shooting. Which can be inconvenient in our fast-paced demanding times.

We can produce anything from photorealistic products, architecture to 3D Cartoon Characters for anything you require. We harness the power of modern rendering technology means render times a fraction of what they used to be. The tech we use for calculating these photoreal images is competing with Hollywood itself and can undergo more demanding tasks at 10x the speed.